CPJA Position Statement


 The Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis is an integral element of the UKCP. The College brings the principles of psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis to bear upon developments in the policies and procedures of the UKCP that determine the way in which we function as psychotherapists. Fundamental to this is the principle that individual members carry the responsibility for their work within a relationship with CPJA and the UKCP.

Our responsibilities are to ensure that:

  • Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy is regulated to professional standards expected by our members.
  • Our modality is promoted, through UKCP, to the public and government alike.
  • Our members are held to account by setting a context of credibility within which their claims can be challenged, tested and assessed.
  • Our own processes are held to account within a context of credibility set with the UKCP and all its Members.
  • As an integral part of UKCP, the whole organisation, including the CPJA, is held to account by its Members.

These responsibilities are discharged through fostering broad and informed debates on matters of policy and procedure and enabling the clear communication of the substance of these debates to those committees or other bodies within UKCP that are charged with decision making powers.

In recognition of the constantly changing environment in which the profession is situated, our position is both flexible enough to work proactively and reactively within the UKCP, and robust enough to act as a guarantor for the autonomous practice of therapists and OMs so ensuring that these responsibilities are met.

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