BAPPS Autumn Conference 11 November 2017: Dr Maggie Turp

Saturday 11th November, 2017


 Dr Maggie Turp

A capacity for self-care is grounded in the care we receive in early life and sustained, or not sustained, through our on-going relationships, both personal and professional. Without a well-functioning capacity for self-care, we are vulnerable to internal and external pressures to take on too much and leave too little time for processing and recovery. Our capacity to support supervisees in their self-care is likewise compromised. In order to better understand the capacity for self-care and the pressures that assail it, the presentation will draw on infant observation extracts and case study examples. There will be opportunities for discussion in large and small groups throughout the day and participants will be invited to share their experience, whether personal or professional, with due regard to confidentiality and appropriate disguise of potentially identifying details.

Workshop topics include: elements involved in self-care; parental care and the internalisation of a self-caring capacity; finding a balance between caution and adventurousness; knowing our limits: the protective function of the psychic skin boundary; finding a balance between emotional and physical self-care; the role of the external and internal supervisor.

Non Members: £85 / Early Bird: £75;  BAPPS Members:  £75 / Early Bird: £60;   Early Bird deadline bookings to be made by 22nd  September 2017

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