Details about 5-Yearly Reaccreditation of therapists can be found on this section of the website.

Every individual member registered with UKCP has to be reaccredited at least once every five years to stay on the UKCP Register.

 Organisational Members (OMs) are expected to reaccredit those of their individual members who want to be on the UKCP Register. For more information about reaccreditation through an Organisational Member, click here.

 Direct members, (DMs), who are therapists registered with the UKCP through the CPJA, are being reaccredited by the CPJA.  For more information about reaccreditation as a Direct Member, click here.

 DM reaccreditation is managed by the Reaccreditation for Direct Registration Sub-committee (RDRS). For more information about the Reaccreditation for Direct Registration Sub-Committee, click here.